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Career Paths as a Mom

eing a mom is naturally one of the most time consuming tasks on the market these days, both mentally and physically. Stay at home moms aren’t just sitting around with time for leisure, moms are overrun with kids activities and family obligations. The dream of starting back up a career or starting your own business can often take the back burner.

Taking some mental time to think about what you want to do with you career is one of the most beneficial steps to helping your family financially and leaving a legacy for your children. I stayed home with my young daughter for the first year and decided that my career wasn’t going to end just because I no longer commute to my 9-5 job. This is where I started my own business, and I have never looked back.

As you are deciding on what field to pursue, take into account what you are passionate about in life. I have been fortunate enough to tie the many things I love together. I create business leads for companies, but I am able to travel while doing so with my daughter. The vitality of your business will grow with your own personal drive and dedication. Being a mom, I was able to recognize that there was no other career that requires as much hard work and dedications as being a good mom, so starting a business seemed secondary in terms of mountains to climb.

Starter Businesses to Consider for Yourself


Many moms like myself come from careers past that have felt like they were going to be put on hold while raising a new baby. However, being a mom doesn’t mean your marketable skills should go to waste, consulting with other businesses is an excellent way to utilize traits you already possess while working from home raising your young children. Starting a business where you are able to offer professional advice and coaching from a career field where you already have experience is an excellent way to generate revenue for your family. Companies will hire consultants for unbiased opinions to come in and either fix some sort of discrepancy, or to stay on board and offer advice over a long period of time to promote business success.


Teaching in a classroom setting requires an educational bachelor’s degree; however, many moms that have chosen to stay at home are able to explore teaching online. There are many sites that advertise online english teaching to children in Asia, these hours are often in the early morning or evening around a mom’s daily activities.

Writing/Copywriting/ad writing/Blogging-

Writing has become a surprisingly lucrative career among the younger crowd! More often than not, companies are looking for an intelligent virtual intelligence to take the content they want published and made from ideas to complete ads or blog posts. Blog posts have become essential to businesses because getting content online has become a way for customers to warm up to the company’s products and philosophy. If you are able to formulate ideas and opinions into complete ideas, there is possibly a niche market for skills and use with the written word.

Child/Day Care-

As a mom that has chosen to stay at home, one of the advantages could reside in starting your own childcare service. This is especially popular in military towns where there are almost more small children than people whom available to watch them. More often than not mothers are facing wait lists for child care slots that are over a year long, then when they are able to enroll their child into the center, the cost per month can cost thousands. Charging close friends a more reasonable rate allows you to bring revenue into your home without having to take your new son or daughter to someone else all day for their educational needs.

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