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The Westin Riverwalk San Antonio, Texas

I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the beautiful Westin Riverwalk property this weekend. The property could not have been in a better location. When we arrived in busy San Antonio, I immediately noticed the private drive provided by the Westin. The private horseshoe driveway off of the street was very helpful for unloading our luggage and keeping the kids safe from traffic! We were immediately greeted by the valet and helped with our luggage. I went to check in and learned that our room had been upgraded to the Hospitality Suite with 2 attached rooms. The bellman helped us with our luggage and upstairs we went. When I saw the double doors and grand entrance to the hospitality suite, I was very surprised. I was even more surprised by the size of the suite and how much space was available for our family. I also found myself wishing that my business partner was with me for the weekend because of the picturesque setting, size of the space, and the large boardroom table. Perfect for combining family and business: two things that we both love so dearly. The suite and adjoining rooms had wet bar areas and 3 balconies that were perfect for viewing the riverwalk and the city. There was tons of space and my daughter absolutely loved it. When she walked in, she said, “Mommy, this is amazing!” The complimentary bottled water was a huge hit with my thirsty family and since I’m a decaf coffee drinker, I absolutely loved the decaf coffee provided in each room.

We had dinner reservations for the onsite restaurant called Zocca. We arrived and were immediately checked in and taken our table where we had a nice view of the riverwalk. I watched as people strolled by and boats came through the water. I ordered a glass of pinot noir and the crab cake appetizer. I was immediately relaxed after a long day of work, kids, and driving through rush hour traffic. Being from Maryland, the home of crab cakes, I was amazed at how good the crab cakes were. For dinner, I had the filet with asparagus and potatoes. For dessert, the waiter and chef offered some options. I asked what was

gluten free and seemed torn by a few choices so they brought us a selection of gluten free desserts which were all to die for. The food, atmosphere, and service made this restaurant an absolute that you must try when in San Antonio. We went back upstairs to find that they had dropped off some beverages, chocolate covered strawberries, cake balls, fruits, and cheese which were a huge hit with our family!

On Saturday, we woke up and took a quick walk to the Shops at RiverCenter for some new sunglasses. On the way back, we stopped at Margaritaville for lunch but I was dying to get out to the pool. After a quick early lunch and walk back, we came back to our room which had already been serviced and got ready for the pool. I stopped in to check out the fitness center but there was no time for working out as I was ready to get into the sun. The pool was on the fourth floor and our room was on the fifth so it was a quick elevator ride and walk to the pool. At the pool, we made tons of friends who were visiting from Nashville, Dallas, and Little Rock. They had kid appropriate music playing and the kids were really enjoying the pool.

I ordered a quesadilla and a mojito with strawberries and without syrup (I’m sure by now you all know about my dislike of sugar). The bartender was super helpful and friendly. He really did a great job of meeting the needs of all types of families who had children from babies with bottles all the way through teenagers. There were plenty of umbrellas and chairs around for our comfort and the pool provided us with towels. After a long day at the pool, we were exhausted so we headed upstairs. My 3 year old was hungry so I ordered her a gluten free pizza and some ice cream (yes, I actually let her eat ice cream). She was so tired that she was out within an hour and I had the evening to enjoy running some email campaigns and relaxing (did I mention how comfortable the beds are?).

We woke up very relaxed and ready to go for another day! We left pretty early so we could get a start on our day which consisted of massages, breakfast, and a boat ride on the Riverwalk.