4 Things You Can Do To Create or Boost Your Mompreneur Business On Instagram

#1. Start telling your story.

I know you have a unique story like no one else, it’s time to show your stripes and let everyone know what makes you YOU!

People love a good story and you’re probably thinking of something right now that makes you different and unique from anyone else, why not start with that?

Chances are that there are people out there who’ll resonate with your story and want connect with you.

This is all about creating or boosting your brand so people will know what you’re all about.

This is the FIRST STEP in creating or improving your mompreneur business on Instagram.

2#. Use Relevant Hashtags To Reach The World

I’ll be straightforward, the power of a hashtag is absolutely crazy. One hashtag can potentially reach thousands upon thousands of people. That means your business is on the phone and the radar of thousands of people.

No need to take an ad out in the newspaper or tell everyone at the PTA meeting that you’re absolutely crushing it in your mompreneur business. You can do this right from home.

Were you ever curious about how you were going to get your name out there? Instagram hashtags give you the power to use different kinds of hashtags so you can reach a large group of people so easy you think it’s cheating.

Use as many hashtags you feel necessary that speak about you and your business. IG users can read those hashtags and see that their interests are just like yours. (add another follower to your list!)

3# Transfer Your Profile Into a ‘Business Profile’ and Get the Analytics

Now, it’s time to make your profile into a legit ‘Business Profile’. You can do this in the ‘edit profile’ icon in your bio.

Once you do this, you can see exactly how well your posts are doing…and you don’t need to be a complete numbers wizard to understand what it all means.

You can see the number of followers you gain, people who visited you on certain dates, popular hashtags, your most popular posts, etc.

This is such a helpful tool in showing you what works or doesn’t work. And as you do when it came to finding out what your children like to eat, you can adjust accordingly.

#4. Get Guidance From Instagram Influencers Who Know Tricks Of The Trade

Say ‘yes’ if you…

Already have an Instagram..

Want to create or improve your mompreneur business…

Have a message you want to share with the world…

Grow your business so you can provide lasting memories for your family…

Awesome, you’re all set. And you’re perfect for what’s next.  

You’re missing one ingredient for the Best Instagram Recipe…

Your made-for-you unique Instagram blueprint that’ll get clients and customers in a matter of weeks….

After having a quick, risk-free consultation, I’ve helped people go from zero followers to having a waitlist of people begging for their products and services just through Instagram.

Your blueprint will be created so you’ll be a magnetically attracting customized targets that’ll love your content.

This is a total Instagram hack made for moms who have or want to start their own businesses.

Imagine the possibilities after one call.

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